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Welcome to Construction and Environment & Pollution. In this theme, you will learn about the power of the built environment to protect our historic buildings, and make sure we have local facilities like swimming baths and stadiums.
Extra Information about Construction and City Finances – optional
Construction and Tourism & Events
Local events and activities like festivals and tourist attractions can cost the Local Authority a lot of money, but they usually generate lots of money for an area, too. How can construction manage events that are safe and well-organised?
Construction and Heritage Buildings
Historic and heritage buildings are an important part of the landscape, and keeping them repaired and well-maintained is very important. How can construction look after these gifts from our past?
Construction and Local Authority Facilities
The Local Authority of an area is responsible for collecting and spending local taxes, and one of the things they spend on is facilities for the public like parks, leisure centres and libraries. How can construction support the Local Authority?
Construction and City Finances
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We have been appointed to provide all the temporary buildings and structures for a big summer festival in our city. These events can be very expensive for the local authority to host, so they need the right reassurance that we understand all our responsibilities. When these events are well run, they can attract a large number of visitors and tourists who spend money, and this creates lots of revenue for the local authority

To make sure that events like this festival are safe and don’t cause problems for the community, organisations like ours need to create Event Safety Plans. Some of the information we need to put in our Event Safety plan includes: type of temporary structures we intend to use like stages, marquees, toilet blocks and catering stalls, the days and times of the event and the event outline, our plans for crowd management, evacuation and emergency procedures, impact on local traffic and traffic management solutions, fire precautions, first aid, welfare (toilets and drinking water), and aspects that we must include to reassure local residents like waste management, lighting control, and noise management

We are about to present this Event Safety Plan to the local Safety Advisory Group. This group includes representatives from the police, the NHS, the ambulance service, and the local fire service. 

I have a task that needs completing, and I’d really like your help.

I would like you to help create three slides of information for the presentation of the Event Safety Plan to the Safety Advisory Group.

I’ve included the resources you need to complete the task, including documents, images, videos and templates. They should give you plenty of ideas and information.

Follow the instructions, and when you’re ready, complete your task. All this should take you about 45 minutes.

When you’re finished with your task, you can learn more about the employers, job roles and projects in this area of construction.

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