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Welcome to Construction and Environment & Pollution. In this theme, you will learn about the power of the built environment to protect our historic buildings, and make sure we have local facilities like swimming baths and stadiums.
Extra Information about Construction and City Finances – optional
Construction and Tourism & Events
Local events and activities like festivals and tourist attractions can cost the Local Authority a lot of money, but they usually generate lots of money for an area, too. How can construction manage events that are safe and well-organised?
Construction and Heritage Buildings
Historic and heritage buildings are an important part of the landscape, and keeping them repaired and well-maintained is very important. How can construction look after these gifts from our past?
Construction and Local Authority Facilities
The Local Authority of an area is responsible for collecting and spending local taxes, and one of the things they spend on is facilities for the public like parks, leisure centres and libraries. How can construction support the Local Authority?
Construction and City Finances
About Lesson

When we pay local taxes like council tax, parking charges and business rates, how does this money get spent? As well as paying towards schools, hospitals, emergency services and rubbish collections, this money also helps to pay for the heritage buildings in our towns and cities, as well as local tourism and events, and amenities like street lighting, libraries and swimming baths. Local governments often have Local Development Plans that show how they intend to improve the region for citizens, and to help fund this they make look to external investors who want to develop buildings and structures in the city. 

Local high streets are a crucial part of communities and neighbourhoods, but there is often much discussion about the best ways to encourage consumers to shop locally. Museums, galleries and theatres may also have to rely on other sources of funding to attract visitors. We can ensure that the work we do is the most efficient way to spend this money and improve the lives of local residents. 

Some city finances clients include local governments, external investors, local pressure groups, and business communities. Roles in city finances include Contracts Management, Building Surveying, Heritage Specialisms and Building Services and you’ll find out more about these during your work experience. By completing this module you will start to develop some of the skills needed for these roles and develop a clearer picture of whether this area of construction is right for you.

In this virtual work experience theme you’ll be looking at Tourism, Heritage Buildings and Local Government Facilities. You should plan to spend about 45 minutes to an hour on each topic. When you have finished all the tasks, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can use on your CV.

Pick your first topic to get started and get a task briefing from your supervisor.

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