Welcome to Construction and Human Development. In this theme, you will learn about the power of the built environment to improve education levels, reduce poverty and strengthen communities.

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Construction and Poverty & Deprivation?

Fuel poverty can be caused by buildings that are inefficient and expensive to heat, causing families to spend a significant amount on energy bills to stay warm. How can construction solve this problem?

Construction and Education?

The design of schools and classrooms can increase educational attainment by up to 15% according to studies. How can construction create these high-achieving schools?

Construction and Regeneration?

How do we repair our failing High Streets and make them attractive to visitors again? As a central hub for the community, how can construction be part of the regeneration that benefits neighbourhoods and residents?
1. Instructions from your Supervisor


Fuel poverty in England is measured using the Low Income High Costs (LIHC) indicator. Under this indicator, a household is considered to be fuel poor if:

  • they have required fuel costs that are above average (the national median level)
  • were they to spend that amount, they would be left with a residual income below the official poverty line

There are 3 important elements in determining whether a household is fuel poor: household income, household energy requirements and fuel prices.

Some of the tenants in the properties we manage qualify to have their old inefficient boiler which is currently in the property which they rent replaced with a brand new one that is more energy-efficient and will cost less to run.

The grants used to replace inefficient boilers are funded by the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers such as British Gas, Scottish Power and EDF. They’ve been collecting a small amount of money (the green tax) on our utility bills for a period of time and the government has now made it a legal requirement for them to start spending that money and investing it to support fuel poor households.

I have a task that needs completing, and I’d really like your help.

Our building services engineers install and repair hot and cold water heating systems, including boilers, controls, pipework and radiators. They need access to our tenant’s homes to replace their boilers.

Create a social media post for Facebook to encourage tenants to apply. Be sure to include the criteria for eligibility and explain the replacement process in simple steps.

I’ve included the resources you need to complete the task, including documents, images, videos and templates. They should give you plenty of ideas and information.


Follow the instructions, and when you’re ready, complete your task. All this should take you about 45 minutes.

When you’re finished with your task, you can learn more about the employers, job roles and projects in this area of construction.