Welcome to Construction and Infrastructure. In this theme, you will learn about the power of the built environment to protect us from natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, and design well-connected cities.

Extra Information about Construction and Infrastructure – optional

Construction and the Central Business District?

A central business district (CBD) is the commercial and business centre of a city, where most shops and companies are based. As cities grow, how can construction make sure CBDs are attractive and efficient?

Construction and Flood Defenses?

Natural disasters like floods can be damaging and stressful, as well as expensive, and they often happen very quickly. How can construction build defenses that protect our cities from flooding in areas of high risk?

Construction and Earthquake-Proof Buildings?

Earthquakes are one of the Earth’s most destructive forces, but if we plan and prepare then the risks can be reduced in new and existing buildings. How can construction create buildings that are earthquake-proof?

Construction and Site Planning – Deeley Construction

Construction and Water Infrastructure – Barhale

1. Instructions from your Supervisor


We are working on a proposal for a client who wants to build a new shopping mall in the Central Business District. This proposal will impact on transport as well as public realm. The public realm is defined as the space around, between and within buildings that are publicly accessible, including streets, squares, parks and open spaces. Placemaking is a term used to describe the process by which an area in the public realm is given a unique and attractive character.

Improving the quality of the public realm within the new CBD is identified as a major component in delivering the overall vision for the area. Importantly this will be delivered not only through provision in the development sites but also through improvements on existing highway and adjacent land.

Even though not many people live in the CBD there is a high volume of pedestrians and traffic, both in the day and night. This is because they have easy access to the facilities on offer. Environmental quality may be affected by the congestion that any new developments create.

In order for our client to secure the right planning permission for their shopping mall, we need to make sure that our proposal covers all the concerns that might be raised.

I have a task that needs completing, and I’d really like your help.

To make sure our proposal is acceptable we want to talk to the public and get their views. I would like you to design a questionnaire that we can use to gain people’s views. These people might be shoppers, office workers, tourists, retail staff or residents of the flats and apartments within the Central Business District.

I’ve included the resources you need to complete the task, including documents, images, videos and templates. They should give you plenty of ideas and information.

Follow the instructions, and when you’re ready, complete your task. All this should take you about 45 minutes.

When you’re finished with your task, you can learn more about the employers, job roles and projects in this area of construction.