Construction and Health & Wellbeing

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Buildings, places and spaces can have a huge impact on our mental and physical health and wellbeing. Having a view of nature can help us to heal, and green buildings with roof gardens or green walls of plants can clear pollution and toxins from the air. Large outdoor spaces without pathways, benches or shade can actually discourage us from exercising in nature, where wide pavements allow room for pedestrians, joggers and pushchairs. Allowing and encouraging children to feel safe playing outside away from cars is important for their physical health, and it activates their imagination which is a key factor in strong mental health. Limiting inclusion or mobility can have a significant impact on wellbeing, especially in older populations.

Can the design of hospitals help patients to recover more quickly, at the same time as preventing other bacterias and viruses that spread through wards? Are sick buildings a real thing, and how can we limit the harm done to anyone who lives or works in one? When streets are closed to cars, what do individuals and communities do with their newfound space? 

Health and wellbeing clients can include building owners, healthcare providers like the NHS, developers of managed care accommodation and local communities. Roles in health and wellbeing include Design Management, Building Information Modeling and Urban Design, and you’ll find out more about these during your work experience. By completing this module you will start to develop some of the skills needed for these roles and develop a clearer picture of whether this area of construction is right for you.

In this virtual work experience theme you’ll be looking at Accessible Design, Primary Care and Outdoor Play.

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Welcome to Construction and Health & Wellbeing. In this theme, you will learn about the power of the built environment to create spaces and places that keep us happy, healthy, active and included, whatever our age or ability.

Extra Information about Construction and Health & Wellbeing – optional

Construction and Accessible Design?

Accessibility and inclusion are important for us all to be able to use the places and spaces around us, especially if our health declines. How can construction create spaces that support people with challenging health conditions?

Construction and Health?

The streets where we live can play a big part in how safe we feel, and how likely we are to exercise or be active outdoors. How can construction help to design streets that encourage us to live a more healthy lifestyle?

Construction and Children’s Play?

Within every urban space there are certain areas for children's play. Some were designed, some were just adopted by children for their purpose. How can construction make sure all children have access to play?

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