Explore the Built Environment!

On-demand tasks and real-world challenges from the built environment

What is the built environment? It’s the buildings, places and spaces around us that can influence so many of our choices and opportunities.

The built environment matters, it has consequences. The things we build affect
generations to come. All industry sectors and all lives are affected by the built environment and its responsibilities, limitations, designs and decisions.

How will we create energy-efficient buildings that achieve the 2030 net-zero ambition? How will we reduce the amount of construction materials that end up in landfill? How will we move the 67 million citizens of the UK around safely to their jobs, hobbies and families? How will we develop cities that are smart enough to control traffic and keep citizens safe?

All these aspects of our lives and futures depend on the built environment. This is an industry where you can literally change the world. The construction industry has the responsibility and potential power to impact millions of lives for good every single day.

There are big issues in the world that need solving – equality, poverty, sustainability, health – and the built environment impacts them all.

This is construction as you’ve never seen it before. The Built Environment work experience is split across 8 themes to show where the impact can be felt:

Each theme has an introductory video so you can learn more about what the theme will cover before you start. Choose one, some or all of themes and learn about the power of the built environment at your own pace.

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