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Extra Information and Construction and Traffic & Transport – optional

Construction and Active Travel?

Active travel means making journeys by physically active means, like walking or cycling. These are usually short journeys, like walking to the shops or cycling to work. How can construction help us all to travel more actively?

Construction and Urban Planning?

Finding ways to improve cities with cleaner air and safer streets can be achieved by reducing the number of cars that drive into the city. How can construction design congestion zones that limit the access of cars to a city?

Construction and Safety & Security?

Train stations can be some of the busiest places in a city, with commuters, shoppers and tourists all trying to pass through quickly and safely. How can construction design stations that move large crowds of people?
1. Instructions from your Supervisor


We are currently working with the local city council to introduce cycle routes onto some of the main roads across the city. Towns and cities with an efficient transport network and high levels of cycling have achieved this by investing in cycle infrastructure. Cycling is seen as something that almost everybody can do, easily and quickly. 

There are some considerations we need to think about when we design cycle routes to make sure they are safe and user-friendly: mixing with traffic puts people off cycling, especially children. Cycle lanes and tracks must be at least 2.1m wide, away from traffic, to make cycling convenient and sociable; people like simple, direct routes; people prefer cycling away from pedestrians – shared-use pavements alongside roads benefit nobody. Such pavements are inconvenient, slow, and misappropriate space from pedestrians; cycle infrastructure should be designed to allow people see each other regardless of what type of vehicle they are using; and cyclists want unobstructed routes – no driver would tolerate trees, wheelie bins, utility boxes, or lighting poles in the middle of the roadway. Obstructions of any kind make cycling much more difficult, especially for those with disabilities, or using tricycles or trailers.

I have a task that needs completing, and I’d really like your help.

I would like you to review the construction plan for the new cycle path and make sure that the planned activities are all in the right sequence. If you think any of the information in the Plan is missing or incorrect, I would like you to send an email to the Project Manager explaining what the right process should be.

I’ve included the resources you need to complete the task, including documents, images, videos and templates. They should give you plenty of ideas and information.

Follow the instructions, and when you’re ready, complete your task. All this should take you about 45 minutes.

When you’re finished with your task, you can learn more about the employers, job roles and projects in this area of construction.