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Welcome to Construction and Environment & Pollution. In this theme, you will learn about the power of the built environment to keep our cities moving in healthy, safe and sustainable ways that don't harm the environment.
Extra Information and Construction and Traffic & Transport – optional
Construction and Active Travel
Active travel means making journeys by physically active means, like walking or cycling. These are usually short journeys, like walking to the shops or cycling to work. How can construction help us all to travel more actively?
Construction and Urban Planning
Finding ways to improve cities with cleaner air and safer streets can be achieved by reducing the number of cars that drive into the city. How can construction design congestion zones that limit the access of cars to a city?
Construction and Safety & Security
Train stations can be some of the busiest places in a city, with commuters, shoppers and tourists all trying to pass through quickly and safely. How can construction design stations that move large crowds of people?
Construction and Traffic & Transport
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As part of the city’s Local Development Plan, it has been proposed to introduce a congestion charge for vehicles using the city at certain times.

For a congestion charge scheme to be successfully implemented, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras need to be installed at key locations across the city to track vehicles coming and going.

Congestion charge schemes are monitored by cameras on roads across the congestion charge zone, which read car number plates and cross-reference them against a register of cars that have paid the charge.

Drivers can pay the charge in advance or on the day of travel, but if they forget they can pay up until midnight the following day. There are several methods of payment, including telephone, text message, post, online or in a shop. 

Congestion charge zones can reduce traffic and improve air quality and noise levels significantly. They also make the zones safer and more accessible for pedestrians as the reduced traffic means that crossing times can be increased, and some streets can be completely pedestrianised.

Our client has asked us to identify the best locations for these ANPR cameras to be installed. ANPR cameras need to be placed at major junctions that mark the boundary of the congestion zone, and consideration needs to be given to lighting, safety and accuracy.

I have a task that needs completing, and I’d really like your help.

I would like you to help complete a desk-based site survey by reviewing a map of the city and identifying the best locations for ANPR cameras.

When you have made your decisions, send an email to the client to let them know your choices with your reasons.

I’ve included the resources you need to complete the task, including documents, images, videos and templates. They should give you plenty of ideas and information.

Follow the instructions, and when you’re ready, complete your task. All this should take you about 45 minutes.

When you’re finished with your task, you can learn more about the employers, job roles and projects in this area of construction.

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