About Us

We are passionate about the built environment. We believe that the things we build matter. They impact generations to come through health, environmental sustainability, social value, and equality.

Our purpose here at Built Environment Skills in Schools is to:

“Build the things that build better things.”

Build literal things – buildings, places and spaces – that build experiential things like health and wellbeing, safety, equality and connectedness.

Construction has the potential power to change the world for everyone. It has more potential impact then finance, or healthcare or politics.

But, as an industry, construction doesn’t always behave that way. At BESS, we want to bring exciting new mindsets and attitudes into the sector, ready to grab the opportunity to make the world a better place.

Why Construction Needs You

50 %

We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, including our houses and schools, as well as shops, gyms and other indoor spaces.

10 %

The construction sector contributes 50% of landfill waste, as well as 23% air pollution and 40% drinking water pollution.


By 2030, there will be a projected 662 cities across the world that each have at least one million inhabitants.

BESS Virtual Work Experience is provided by Built Environment Skills in Schools.


Benefits For Students

Benefits For Employers

Build Better Stuff

Build the things that build better things. Build homes, neighbourhoods, transport networks and accessible spaces that build health, sustainability, social mobility, equality and connected communities.