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We love on-demand, right?

Netflix, Uber, Deliveroo, Hive. We love getting whatever we want, whenever we want it. So why should work experience and careers information be any different?

The C-word

No, not Christmas. Coronavirus. Everything is different now, and that’s no bad thing. Schools and businesses will return to their original locations, but social distancing and caution will be the order of the day for many months to come. And in that time, students will be even more limited by the availability of quality experiences of work. But time passess and they still have to make choices about qualifications and career pathways.

Tell ‘em your stories

We’ve got some perception issues to overcome in construction. We’ve also got some reality issues to confront, too. And I know you’ve got things to say about your exciting projects. The thing is, no one else can tell your story for you. If you aren’t engaging with schools then they’re not hearing about the challenges you solve and the problems you address. They might be hearing something similar from someone else, but what if those other people tell lousy stories and make your work sound dreary? What if they only mention themselves and don’t talk about companies like yours? What if they don’t do what you do the way that you do it? No one else’s story is quite like yours.

Gotta reach ‘em to teach ‘em

Ad-hoc won’t cut it. You’ve got to be telling consistent stories. And our Virtual Work Experience gets your story to over 3.4 million pupils in 4,000 UK senior schools. All for a couple of hours of work from you. That’s a reach of over 28,000 students for every minute of your time!


Torrents of talent

Building a pipeline of industry talent takes time. There are some quick-fix tactics that keep being wheeled out, but if we want a consistent stream of new entrants with the right attitude and aptitude, we’re going to have to build that pipeline for ourselves. Hearing from you is one building block. Seeing your workplace is another. And experiencing the work you do is another. Especially when it’s triple the effectiveness, because they can hear from you AND see your workplace all at the same time!


No limitations, just possibilities

The BESS Virtual Work Experience doesn’t ask students to choose a personality trait or a curriculum subject before they start. And it certainly doesn’t ask them to pick a discipline or specialism from the construction industry before they’re allowed to have a go. They simply explore eight themes of built environment impact with complete freedom, and dive in to the one they like best. They can do all the tasks, some of the tasks, or a couple of the tasks. All at their own pace. And every time they complete a section, they get a certificate to add to their CV.

All the kids are doing it

Virtual Work Experience has been popular for a while, and it’s delivered in different ways by different organisations. At BESS, we wanted to be absolutely certain of two things: firstly, that pupils would be completely safeguarded in all their interactions with our platform; and secondly, that the availability of their virtual work experience wasn’t time-limited in any way. And those two commitments have proven very popular with teachers and students alike.

Yep, you heard. 3.4 million

Really, really. You can check the numbers for yourself. According to government records, there are 4,188 secondary schools and 3,410,000 secondary school pupils in the UK. There are 208,300 full-time secondary school teachers, 30.5% of whom are male and 69.5% are female. The average secondary school has 430.7 classroom computers. Think how many minds your tasks could be opening right now…

Are you ready to change a life?

Start creating your virtual work experience task and get ready to change a perception of construction for ever.