Construction and Future Cities

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The cities of the future will need to adapt to the lifestyles and patterns of people’s lives, as our working hours and family structures change. Future cities will also need to use new materials, as the planet is running out of many of the things we’ve previously used like steel and clay. Renewable energy will become more and more important as we move away from traditional fuel like coal, but buildings use up a lot of power and we need to make sure there is enough for everyone. Smart cities are incubators of innovation and opportunities but they must also address challenges such as rapid urbanisation, climate change and inequality and become more resilient. What role will people play in the design and planning of our smart cities?

The cities of the future will need to be taller and denser, and we will need to consider sustainability in every building. Providing plentiful and affordable food might mean roof-top farms or indoor plant farms. We’ll be testing our inventions and innovations. 

Some future cities’ clients include developers, local and central governments, and private individuals. Roles in future cities will include Design Management, Structural Engineering, Stakeholder Management and Architecture, and you’ll find out more about these during your work experience. By completing this module you will start to develop some of the skills needed for these roles and develop a clearer picture of whether this area of construction is right for you.

In this virtual work experience theme you’ll be looking at Sustainability, Tall Buildings and Smart Cities.

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Course Content

Welcome to Construction and Future Cities. In this theme, you will learn about the power of the built environment to create clean, renewable energy and design smart, safe, technologically-advanced cities.

Extra Information about Construction and Future Cities – optional

Construction and Smart Cities
Smart cities use technology to connect people, transport, services and buildings to create a safe and efficient environment for everyone. How can construction upgrade our existing cities to make them smart?

Construction and Renewable Energy
Clean, safe, renewable energy is in more demand than ever as our world becomes more reliant on power for technology. How can construction develop a network of sustainable, reliable energy sources?

Construction and Tall Buildings
The ambition to build taller and taller buildings around the world shows no sign of stopping. Maybe we could build to the moon! How can construction develop solutions to the problems involved with tall buildings?