Construction and Growing Cities

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By 2030, there will be 8.6 billion people on earth, and by 2050 that is predicted to rise to 9.8 billion. Most of the things we build will last for at least 30 year, so we need to plan how this increased population will access and use them. Some of this population growth comes from new births, but our populations are also living longer, healthier lives and we need to make sure that there are enough homes for everyone. More and more people are choosing to live and work in towns and cities, so we also need to make sure that these urban spaces offer everything we can. As the population grows, we will need to increasingly reuse land that was previously used for other things, and that can mean cleaning contamination from the ground. 

How do we map the changing demographics in cities over time to understand what needs to be built, renovated or demolished? Can we design towns and cities that help protect citizens from crime? Research says that 80% of the buildings we need already exist, so how can we repair and renovate them to make them fit for our future needs? 

Growing cities clients can include emergency services, individual homeowners, communities and local governments. Roles in growing cities include Building Surveying, Geotechnical Engineering and Site Management and you’ll find out more about these during your work experience. By completing this module you will start to develop some of the skills needed for these roles and develop a clearer picture of whether this area of construction is right for you.

In this virtual work experience theme you’ll be looking at Retrofitting Buildings, Land Use and Emergency Services Support.

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Course Content

Welcome to Construction and Growing Cities. In this theme, you will learn about the power of the built environment to improve existing buildings for a growing population, and make sure our growing cities can be safely accessed by emergency services.

Extra Information about Construction and Growing Cities – optional

Construction and Retrofitting
80% of the buildings we will need by 2050 already exist, but some of them are in need of repair or retrofitting to make them suitable for new uses. How can construction make these buildings suitable for modern life?

Construction and Land Use
How we use the land that is available to us has a huge impact on the communities and wildlife of that area, and people can object to some developments. How can construction make sure that we grow our cities responsibly?

Construction and Emergency Services
Keeping our population safe is essential, and part of that safety means that emergency services like ambulances and fire engines must be able to reach people. How can construction design growing cities that are easily accessible?

Construction and Hotel Refitting – Avi Contracts
Try your skills as part of the Quantity Surveying team at the exciting multi-million-pound upgrade of the 5* Hotel Russell in London